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CD Cassette Player Electronic Dictionary

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  • South Korea South Korea
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World’s first language learning device to combine CD cassette player & electronic dictionary.

New life style design
Industrial design and patent-applied, electronic dictionary functions to guarantee users’ highest convenience

High-performance built-in mike
Learners can correct their pronunciations, and enhance understanding, by recording theirs and comparing them with those of native speakers'.

Diverse top-loading CD player
Capable of reproducing CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 CD files for 1,800 seconds in high-resolution sound and versatile search functions

USB host with wide compatibility
Learners can reproduce the MP3 music files, language listening files, etc. downloaded from the computer through USBs.

Versatile tape player
Capable of section repetitions and recording while copying CD to tape. The mechanical deck ensures immaculate sound, sturdiness and children's easiest use.

Auxiliary terminal (AUX)
A variety of media files can also be enjoyed by linking MP3 or other portable reproducing devices.

World's first built-in electronic dictionary
Carries most popular Doosan Donga Prime dictionaries (Eng-Kor/Kor-Eng) which contain 130,000 words recorded by native speakers of English. Provides compared listening / endless listening repetitions / vocabulary book / study-game function, etc.
We can produce it if you want to contain the certain foreign languages such as French, German etc. and paint other colors you prefer.

Stereo headphone terminal
By making use of the headphone / earphone, etc., learners can focus on their learning or music perfectly free from the environment.

Major Functions

A. World's First Built-in Electronic Dictionary

  • Carries most popular Doosan Donga's Prime English-Korean and Korean-English dictionaries
  • Supports the nation's largest number of 130,256 English words recorded by native speakers
  • Learners can listen to their recorded pronunciations to compare with those of native speakers'.
  • Learners can correct their pronunciations through comparison
  • Provides endless repetitions until the learner completely acquires target words
  • Capable of storing maximum 500 words or contents that the learner acquired
  • Equipped with Hyper-Text function that enables easy and comfortable word search
  • Offers study-game functions by which learners can play with interesting words or puzzles

B. CD + Cassette Player/MP3/USB Functions

  • Easy control of section repetitions on the cassette
  • Repeating designated CD sections for 1,800 seconds (30 min.) in high-resolution sound
  • Enables free search within designated sections for repetitions
  • Capable of recording while copying CD to tape
  • Capable of reproducing CD/CD-R/CD-RW/MP3 CD files
  • High-resolution sound reproduction of 0.3% distortion
  • Reproducing MP3 music or language listening files by linking memory device to USB host

C. Other Supplementary Functions

  • Speaker output (MP3, other portable devices, etc.) by using auxiliary terminal (AUX)
  • Stereo headphone output terminal (PHONE)
  • High-performance built-in mike (MIC)
  • 2' LCD display

It can contain the certain foreign languages you want such as French, German etc.